Product Spotlight: The new Luxury Album is in!

I'm so excited that my new sample Luxury Album is in. This album is a big step up from everything I've seen, not just in the quality of the images, but in the overall construction of the album, and the huge number of cover options.

For the pages, the albums are made from true silver halide Fuji lustre paper. Silver halide paper is rated for 100 years plus. Photos are mounted on a RC paper core which has a resin backing to keep the pages flat and smooth and avoid future discoloration of the seams sometimes seen in less expensive albums.

The covers and spine combine custom craftsmanship and handmade details. There are currently more than 75 cover material options, including silks and linens,  and leathers ranging from basic smooth leather to a variety of textures and patterns. Another option that isn't available on most other albums is a two-tone cover, with a stripe of accent material embedded in the main cover. For example, the pictured album is a two-tone combining a Biker Chic Black leather with a Passion Red leather inset stripe.

The Luxury Album has available an optional companion Album. The companion album is a 5x5 miniature replica of your Luxury album, with many of the same design features. The companion album is only available in Black faux leather. The companion Album is only available with the purchase of a Luxury Album.

As an introductory special, schedule a complimentary planning consultation in April or May and receive 25% off of a Luxury Album.

Luxury Album

Companion Album