Planning your shoot with Pinterest

It’s a new year, and time to start something new.

I’m going to be writing a series of blog posts and newsletters (signup here) answering some of the common questions I get, and hopefully providing some help for women who are thinking about or preparing for a glamour or boudoir session.

To kick off the series, we’ll look at planning for your shoot using Pinterest.

The basics

Pinterest is a social network which provides a place to organize and share images. You can upload images, called Pins, and place them on customized Boards. You can create Boards for each topic that interests you, from “Places I’d Like to Go” and “Clothes I Love”, to “Dogs”. You can create as many Boards as you like.

In addition to uploading and Pinning images, you can Repin images. Simply search for what interests you, and once you see an image you like, you can Repin it to one of your own boards. If you are looking for beach vacations spots, it’s easy to create a board, search for beaches, and start repinning any images that show up to your own board. When you find a pin you like, you can also click through the pin to get back to the Board that it was pinned to. Often, if you like one image, the Board will have more images that you also like.

How does that help plan for your shoot?

Pinterest allows you to create Secret Boards. These boards can only be seen by you, and anyone you give access. If you are planning a boudoir shoot, searching for “lingerie” or “boudoir photography” will give you a great starting point. You can create a secret board, and start pinning anything that inspires you.

When you repin a picture, it will keep whatever caption the pinner used, but it can be very helpful to make your own notes here. Maybe you really like the hair or makeup, or the lingerie or pose. Or maybe it’s just the overall style that appeals to you. By making your own notes in the caption, it helps you remember why you pinned it, and helps later when sharing the vision board you have created with your photographer.

Working together

Not only is Pinterest great for helping you decide what you like, and planning wardrobe purchases, it’s also a great tool for communicating with your photographer. When we have our initial consultation with a client, if they don’t already have a Board created, we recommend starting one.

If you follow us on Pinterest, we can follow you back. At that point, you can give us access to your board if you already have one, or if we create a board for you, we can give you access. This allows us to see what you have pinned, and helps us discuss your goals and ideas for the shoot.

We won’t be making exact copies of your pins. You will use your pins to help you figure out what clothes to bring, and we will use them to get an idea of the style of image you like, which helps us plan things like lighting and sets.

Another big advantage is that it helps us gauge your comfort level. If your pins are more conservative, we will plan things that way. It there’s a lot of skin on display in your pins, we will take that into account as well. This helps us guide the shoot without pushing you past your comfort zone.


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