Melissa W

Sometimes the quiet ones surprise you.

When I met with Melissa, she seemed very quiet and reserved. Sometimes, that can lead to a very closed, reserved images. Sometimes you get surprised :)

Melissa has a great "serene" expression, like she's totally at peace, whether she was in a cowboy hat and boots, a vintage gown, or just a sheet.



It's been a while since I've had a boudoir session that I've been allowed to show, but I think this makes a great return.

Megan came in as a referral from Mysti. I always appreciate when my clients honor me by referring their friends. Or in this case, their students. Megan has been in Mysti's pole dance fitness class, and it shows.


Finished up a great shoot with author/editor Kayla Robichaux.

Kayla was one of my first guinea pigs, I mean models, when I was first figuring all this out, and every time I get to shoot with her is a lot of fun. She always comes prepared with great outfits, and lots of ideas

Jessica S

Jessica had a little help from her fiancé picking out her outfits. :)

They are both big U of H fans so they thought a little tribute was in order. Jessica also picked out some props to represent her upcoming New Orleans wedding.

Kristi H

Kristi came in for her maternity boudoir session at just the right time. Too early, and you don't have that beautiful pregnant glow and belly. Too late, and you're uncomfortable the whole time, and it shows in the pictures. These were timed perfectly to catch the beauty of pregnancy.