A boudoir session is all about capturing your more sensual side. Whether that's a silk gown or lingerie, a corset or nothing at all.  Let us capture your sexy side.

The personal touch

Glamour photography is very personal. The first time you meet your photographer shouldn't be when you get in front of the camera. We will walk with you through the whole process.

First, we will meet with you personally to plan your session. We will work with you to figure out the style, location, and props that make your pictures truly you. We will help you plan what to bring, suggest places to shop, and if you need help making decisions, we're there for you. Can't decide which outfit works best? Text us pictures. (No promises on instant answers, but we will answer)

We have a professional makeup artist who will spend about an hour helping you get ready. We also have the option to bring in a hair stylist if your want.

When you arrive for your session, we'll go through everything you've brought, and help you pick the best. We've had ladies bring in several suitcase of options, don't worry about bringing to much, we'll help you find just the right things. Then you can sit with the makeup artist and relax while she works her magic, and we'll chat a little more about your session.

After your session, plan to go out with that special someone. After all, you're already dressed up and fabulous looking.

We will prepare a selection of your images, and personally meet to review them with you and help you select your favorites. From individual prints, to wall art, to high end albums, we can work with you to find just the right way to display your beauty.

For more information, you can Schedule a consultation, or Contact Us