I'm Mike Fox, and I'm the Photographer at Mike Fox Photography(seems obvious, I know).  Pictured with me is my lovely assistant, and wife of nearly 25 years, Angi. She helps with a lot of little things, but her main job is making sure you are comfortable and look your best. She helps with everything from wardrobe selection to posing, all those last minute hair and strap adjustments, and most of all, catches anything I've missed.

Together, our job is to make sure that we get great images of you, and that we make the experience amazing.  We believe that our photography shouldn't be an impersonal process where you just walk in and someone takes your picture. You can get that done at a department store, or photography chain.

We think your experience should be different. We meet with all out clients personally to plan their session. This personal touch continues from wardrobe selection, through your session, all the way to sitting with you to review your images and help you decide how to display your images.